Labncroft’s Sharp Dressed Man








FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Gahonk's Pow-Wow






AFC Trieven Classical Jazz MH








FC-AFC Trieven Classic














Super Powder




FC-AFC Calumet's Super Sonic


Jumping Jessica II








Llano's Winter Wind







1976 NFC-AFC San Joanquin Honcho






1984 NAFC -FC Trumarc's Zip Code








Seymour's Windjammer Mist





Canby's Magic Spell









1981 NFC-AFC Orion's Sky



FC-AFC Calumet's Super Sonic



Hunter Marsh Orion's Sky HI








Wanapum's Dandy Doodle







FC-AFC Wanapum Sky Shooter






FC-AFC Sky Watch Radar








Full of Malarky





FC-AFC Sky Watch Scanner









FC-AFC Smokey of Lambert






Cassandra XXXI








Adam's New Star







1976 NFC-AFC San Joanquin Honcho






92NFC-90NAFC Candlewood Super Tanker





FC-AFC Scan's in the Nick of Time



Candlewood's Delta Dash





Goose Down Hannah Honey MH









FC-AFC Wanapum Sky Shooter






Shooter's Foxy Little Girl



HRCH Maple Creeks Captian Morgan MH (y)





FUll of Malarky







FC-AFC Itchin' To Go






FC-AFC Lakeridge's Charlemagne








Lakeridge Annie Get Your Gun





FC-AFC Candlewoods MD Houston









1977 NAFC-FC River Oaks Rascal 70-DNC






AFC Black Gold's Candlewood Kate








FC-AFC Candlewood's Nellie B Good




93 NAFC-FC MD'S Cotton Pick'n Cropper










1977 NAFC -FC River Oak's Rascal 70-NDC






FC-AFC Krugerrand








Lixum Thunderheads Mist





Krugerrand's honey bee









Trieven High Cotton






FC-AFC Honey of Kimbrough Woods








Frolickin' Sourdough Gretel







1976 NFC-AFC San Joaquin Honcho



FC-AFC Maple Creek Maggie May



1984 NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code








Seymour's Windjammer Mist





FC-AFC Cody's Mark'n Dandy









Super Powder






FC-AFC Ms Mischief's Magic Marker








Little Ms Mischief




FC-AFC-CFC Cody's Caraway Kate










FC-AFC Itchin' To Go






CFC-CAFC Going Going Josh








Candlewoods Kickapoo Kate





CFC Nilak Caraway









AFC-CFC-CAFC Gahonk;s Mississauga Totem 75 CN Jr Ch






AFC-CFC-CAFC Nilak Coriander








CFC-CAFC Gahonk's Super Dee






Velvet’s Briny (y)

Ron’s Barney (y)






Sugarfoot’s Dandelion (y)


Rears Velvet (b)






Merry’s Taffy (y)

Coca Major’s Buster (c )




Jonathan Rolando Samba (y)



Princess’ Little Miracle (c )






Could Be Real Cute Ralph (y)

Pineridge Mocha Prince (c )





Could Be’s Samba (y)


Could Be A Wiggle Worm (b)






Could Be’s Red  Samba (c )

Pineridge Mocha Prince (c )



Jonathan’s Lil Fievel (y)




Could Be’s Red Rumba (c )







CH Sunnybrook Acres Ace O’Spade UD TDX (b)


Midnight Malone Ace O’ Spade (b)





Reginal Miles Myt Sonar  (y)


Miss Molly Malone O’Hara (c )






Joby Mountain Honey Bear (y)

Joby Ozark Mountain Bear  (b)




Wlodarcik’s Yellow Rose (y)



Honey  Of K Bar Z (y)






Wildwood Golden Ranger (y)

CH Sunnybrook Acres Solitaire (b)





Ranger Bo Jessie (y)


CH Heatherbrooks Could Be Jazzy (y)







Wilkersons Bo (y)


Tally Bo Jody (y)


Yellowsmoke’s Ethan Labncroft





Wilkersons Tally II (b)







Woodstock’s Golden Piper (y)

CH Invincible Sunnybrook Samson (y)







Gabriel’s Silver Knight (y)


Invincible Hiloh Flyer (y)






Kai Cee’s Cenna (y)

Could Be’s Super Lion (y)




Andertons Silver Streak (y)



Billie Sue (y)







CH Shamrock Acres Ebonylane Ace (b)


CH Sunnybrook Acres Jack Frost (y)





Sunnybrook Acres Ode To Joy (y)


CH Innway’s Advantage (y)






Sunnybrooks Riverroad Tempest (y)

CH Weklym’s McMark Flite (b)



Billie Sue II (y)




Sunnybrook Acres Brian’s Song (y)






Dixon La Grove (b)

Meadow Valley’s Doctor Jud (b)





Joe Jr Mikes (y)


Mac’s Lazy M Maggie (b)






Erics Lady Gingar (b)

Jims Kansas Midnight Shadow (b)




Andertons Yellow Lady  (y)



Digby’s Mandy (b)






Brown Bear III (c )

Could Be’s Barge (c )





Chocolate Night Lady (c)


Natchez Trace Nellie (y)






Burks Cub Of Cocoa (c )

Thunder’s Midnite Jack (c )


Labncroft's Voices On The Wind (Von)






Mizells Could Be A Queen (y)






CH Valleywood Nighthawk (b)

CH Marshlands Blitz (b)





CH Borowick Cedar Hill Nitecap (y)


Valleywood Crow Haven Fiddle






CH Circques Curtain Call (y)

AM/FR/INT. ’83 World CH Sandylands Rip Van Winkle (y)




CH Borowick  Quest (y)



Shadowvale Just A Love Song






Tabatha Borowick Shooter (b)

Wyndcall’s Druid O’Tabatha (b)





Borowicks Beatrix (b)


CH Tabatha’s Valleywood Decoy WC (y)






Borowick Midnight Lace

Allegheny’s McTavish



AM CAN CH Bonaventure’s Grand Quester, WC, CGC (Y)




CH Borowicks Spendor WC






ENG SH CH AM CH Receiver of Cranspire (y)

Dutch CH Cranspire Skytrain





CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH (b)


Polly’s Pride of Genisol






CH Moorwood Jewel (b)

CH Eireannach Black Coachman (b)




Alegra’s The GoodBye Girl (y)



CH Beavers Lavinia of Moorwood






CH Windsong Briary Brimstone

CH Briary Brendan of Rainell (b)





AM CAN CH Alegra’s Cracklin Rosie AM CAN CD WC CGC


Briary Maeve (b)






Triple L’s Ric-O-Shay Alegra

CH Grover Brown Buddy


Bonaventure Jual D’Labncroft





AM CAN CH Jagersbo Lzy Ding-a-Ling Thing






CH Valleywood Nighthawk (b)

CH Marshlands Blitz (b)





CH Valleywood Nighthawk (b)


Valleywood Crow Haven Fiddle






CH Circques Curtain Call (y)

AM/FR/INT. ’83 World CH Sandylands Rip Van Winkle (y)





CH Borowick Cedar Hill Nitecap (y)



Shadowvale Just A Love Song






WR AM/FR/INT. ’83 World CH Sandylands Rip Van Winkle (y)

ENG SH CH Sandylands My Rainbow





CH Cirques Curtain Call (y)


ENG SH CH Sandylands Busy Liz






Shadowvale Just A Love Song

AM CH Jayncourt Ajoco Justice



Baxter’s Meg-A-Bux (y)




AM CAN CH Heathbourne Forget Me Not






CH Raintree Braemar Bailiff CDX WC (y)






Valleywood Crow Haven Crash (y)








CH Chucklebrook Cassandra WC (y)

CH Sandylands Markwell of Lockerbie




Hickory Hill Nutmeggie (y)



Chucklebrook Champagne Mist






Borador’s Burleigh (y)

CH Sandylands Markwell Of Lockerbie (b)





Borowicks Burlesque (y)


Boradors Scotch Mist II (y)






Borowick Celebrity (b)

Allegheny’s Mactavish (b)







Borowicks Splendor (y)