Developing a successful Web site requires thinking strategically about a few key issues. First, determine the purpose of the site. For example, is it a public relations tool, an information clearinghouse, or a direct channel for selling products? Next, determine the target audience for the site. Select a style and tone of writing based on your purpose and audience. Be sure to use energetic language to catch your readers’ attention.

Previously printed brochures, newsletters, and other marketing materials are a great source of information for your site. Be sure to select material that is still relevant to your readers. A Web site can be ideal for displaying information typically hard for your customers or members to find. Consider looking at Web sites of competitors or similar organizations to spark ideas.

One way to organize your content is to separate items that change infrequently from items that require frequent updating. For example, group together a summary of the organization, core products or services, and location information separately from new product offerings, special offers, press releases, and upcoming events. Organizing information in this way enables you to easily update sections needing frequent revision and also helps readers quickly find the information they desire.

Using graphics and photos can add vitality to your site. But keep in mind they require significantly more memory than text, which means they will take longer to download. When you’ve finished creating your site, run the Design Checker to make sure the site downloads quickly and to catch problems with page design.

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Labncroft Razzel Dazzel Guns Up ( Dazzel) Pedigree





Velvet’s Briny (y)

Ron’s Barney (y)






Sugarfoot’s Dandelion (y)


Rears Velvet (b)







Coca Major’s Buster (c )


Merry’s Taffy (y)



Jonathan Rolando Samba (y)



Princess’ Little Miracle (c )





Could Be Real Cute Ralph (y)

Pineridge Mocha Prince (c )




Could Be’s Samba (y)


Could Be A Wiggle Worm (b)






Pineridge Mocha Prince (c )


Could Be’s Red  Samba (c )


Jonathan’s Lil Fievel (y)




Could Be’s Red Rumba (c )





Midnight Malone Ace O’ Spade (b)

CH Sunnybrook Acres Ace O’Spade UD TDX (b)





Reginal Miles Myt Sonar  (y)


Miss Molly Malone O’Hara (c )






Joby Ozark Mountain Bear  (b)


Joby Mountain Honey Bear (y)



Wlodarcik’s Yellow Rose (y)



Honey  Of K Bar Z (y)





Wildwood Golden Ranger (y)

CH Sunnybrook Acres Solitaire (b)




Ranger Bo Jessie (y)


CH Heatherbrooks Could Be Jazzy (y)






Wilkersons Bo (y)


Tally Bo Jody (y)

Yellow Smokes Ethan of Labncroft





Wilkersons Tally II (b)






Woodstock’s Golden Piper (y)

CH Invincible Sunnybrook Samson (y)





Gabriel’s Silver Knight (y)


Invincible Hiloh Flyer (y)






Could Be’s Super Lion (y)


Kai Cee’s Cenna (y)



Andertons Silver Streak (y)



Billie Sue (y)






CH Shamrock Acres Ebonylane Ace (b)


CH Sunnybrook Acres Jack Frost (y)




Sunnybrook Acres Ode To Joy (y)


CH Innway’s Advantage (y)





Sunnybrooks Riverroad Tempest (y)

CH Weklym’s McMark Flite (b)


Billie Sue II (y)




Sunnybrook Acres Brian’s Song (y)





Dixon La Grove (b)

Meadow Valley’s Doctor Jud (b)




Joe Jr Mikes (y)


Mac’s Lazy M Maggie (b)





Erics Lady Gingar (b)

Jims Kansas Midnight Shadow (b)



Andertons Yellow Lady  (y)



Digby’s Mandy (b)





Brown Bear III (c )

Could Be’s Barge (c )




Chocolate Night Lady (c)


Natchez Trace Nellie (y)






Thunder’s Midnite Jack (c )


Burks Cub Of Cocoa (c )






Mizells Could Be A Queen (y)





CFC Rascal's Super Spud  (b)

FC NAFC Ray's Rascal (b)




Waldorf’s High Tech




(y) (CAN)



NAFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac (b) (CAN) AKC















FC AFC Teddy’s Ebonstar James (b)








Sirion's Super Snooper (b)





Itch's Flying Tiger (b)

FC AFC Itchin' To Go  (b)






Thor's Tiger Lillie (b)





Trieven El Conquistador (b)

FC AFC CFC Trieven Thunderhead (b)


Ebonaceae Princess (c)






Trieven High Speed (b)





Snookum's Sky Raider (b)

CFC NAFC Virdon's Turtoyaktuk (b)






Wilkie's Cinderella Liberty (b)





FC AFC CFC Sandy’s Slew Man Too (b)

FC AFC Itchin’ To Go



FC AFC Riparian Roughrider (y)





HRCH MH Southhills-U-Gotta-B-Kiddin  (y)







Swift Creek’s What’s Cookin’





FC AFC Del’s-Hi-Kasie (b)

NAFC FC Trumarc’s Zip Code






CFC CAFC Del’s-Hi-Ginny





FC AFC Candlewood’s M.D. Houston (y)

FC AFC Lakeridge’s Charlesmagne


HRCH MH Candlewood Blackgold Brooke (b)






AFC Black Gold’s Candlewood Kate

Blind Faiths Radical Jazz JH




MH Candlewood Wilderness Brooke

FC AFC Machipongo’s W A Nappy






FC AFC Castlebay’s Trumarc Sprinter






FC AFC Itchin’ To Go





FC AFC Lakeridge’s Charlemagne (y)




FC AFC Black Gold’s Kates Rascal (y)









FC AFC Hilltop’s Hayseed (y)
























Four D’s Mother of Pearl (y)









Lakeridge’s Annie Get Your Gun





AFC Black Gold’s Candlewood Kate (y)

NAFC FC River Oaks Rascal






FC AFC Candlewoods Nellie-B-Good





 NAFC AFC Trumarc’s Zip Code (b)

NFC AFC San Joaquin Honcho




Candlewood’s Divine Ms M (b)






Seymour’s Windjammer Mist





FC AFC Ms. Mischief’s Magic Marker (b)

Super Powder






Little Ms. Mischief





FC Ornbaun’s Raucous Riley (y)

South Bay Tiny Tim






FC Kodiak Of Sunnyburke (y)


Tee Of Hill (b)







Ornbaun’s Star-Bright





Jamested’s Ginger ale (y)

FC AFC Carr Lab-Raiders Gain






Montgomery’s Irish Mist





FC AFC Skywactch Radar (b)

FC AFC Wanapum Sky Shooter




HRCH MH Lab’s Unlimited Copy (b)






Full A Malarky





 Labradors Unlimited Tara (b)

FC AFC Fountain Valley Thunderball






Ooooh Gosh