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Welcome to Labncroft

Situated in the heartland of America, where the hustle and bustle of urban life gives way to the gentle roll of cornfields and woodlands, is where great Labradors live.















































Labncroft Labradors

Labncroft Labradors

2009 South 100 West Rd.

Veedersburg, IN 47987


“Rocky & Mazie”

“Bo from Missouri”

Jen, Merlot and Murphy

Our Labradors have acres upon acres to roam… we call it “being dogs”.  The Labrador was not meant to live in a cage or kennel.  As our name implies, a croft is a field or small farm, lab is the shortened version of Labrador, and n is the conjunction for and, and thus you have the name of our home, our dogs and our world.

Labncroft is not just our name, but our home and the foundation upon which we and our Labradors live. 

Our belief is simple: A Labrador is always by your side, he is there with you by the fire each night, he is there when the rain blows hard upon your face, he is there when your children get off the school bus, he will see them off to college, and welcome them home again, and all who visit your home he will call friend. He will be your most trusted and valued hunting partner.  He will transverse water and field to return your bird to hand.  He is your guardian, your confidant, your assistant, and your friend.

Congratulations Jen Henderson and Labncroft’s Fine Wine —Merlot.  He was awarded MACH (Master Agility Champion)  October 1st, 2011.  Jen and Merlot put in  many hours of Training and we are very proud of their success.  JOB WELL DONE!!!!!

This picture is of them on their final run to win their MACH….as you can tell even the judge was excited for their win!!!

New Sire…….

Direct from European Import Sire and Dam

Labncroft’s Sweet Tea of Ogilvie ...aka “TEA”

We are excited to introduce Tea to you.  Tea comes from two great Olgilvie  pedigrees and is part of our commitment to bring European Labrador pedigree to our clients at affordable prices.  He is a 2017 son of Duckhill Major Event of Ogilvie and Duckhill Bonnie Lass of Ogilvie which provides 12 Field Trial Champions.  Please be sure to visit our “Guys” page to follow the link to his outstanding pedigree

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